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Top Tech Item of 2015

Without a doubt, the biggest revolution in the gadget world has to be the ecigarette. It has gone from a niche product rarely seen outside of hipster bars, to one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Everyone from your nan to your trendy brother is sucking on an ecig, and while it is hardly the most high-tech gadget of the year, we genuinely believe that it is going to change the world. Cigarettes are one of the most damaging health dangers to the human race, but ecigarettes are significantly safer.

The best thing is, you can literally choose from 1000s of different ecigarettes, from simply ecigs that look like cigarettes, known as “cigalikes” to extremely advanced ecigarettes which are very powerful, known as box mods.

There’s a lot to know about ecigs, but choosing one for your own use is actually quite easy. If you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to smoking, we recommend Greensmokes, which are affordable and good quality.

However, if you’re looking for a more hard-core vaping experience, we recommend getting your hands on a good box mod and pair it with the Aspire Triton, one of the most powerful and consistently awesome clearomizers currently available.

5 Best Phones 2016

1. Samsung Galaxy S6


The Galaxy S6 is hands-down the best Android smart phone released in 2015, and although this is a 2016 post, we reckon it’ll be pretty hard to beat! It is well built, every pixel on the screen screams quality and the software and hardware work together to make it incredibly fast and resistant to hard use.

The fingerprint scanner is a great security addition and the fast charging function means that you can literally recharge it in minutes.

it comes in either 32gb or 64gb memory capacity.

2. iPhone 6s


The Apple iPhone was the device which started it all. Without doubt, one of the greatest looking and most iconic gadgets ever, this new generation of iPhone more than lives up to its predecessors. It is quite different to a lot of phones these days, with a comparatively small 5inch screen, but it fits everything you could need in a phone into its tiny frame.

With incredible hardware and software updates, it is a big step up from the iPhone 5.

3. LG G4


Significantly cheaper than the top 2 models on this list, the LG G4 doesn’t sacrifice much in the way of looks and performance to achieve this low price. Although it doesn’t have a metal frame, the plastic frame feels sturdy and not too cheap. It also took a pretty cool move with the leather backed models, which look effortlessly cool and classy.

It also have a removable battery and external storage, which extends its longevity no end.

4. Sony Xperia Z5

Sony’s flagship phone is an amazing achievement. With a frosted glass rear cover that feels as good as it looks and an incredibly slim profile, this is a trendy looking phone that more than delivers in the specs category. It’s totally waterproof, with a full HD screen.

5. Motorola Moto X Style


By far the cheapest model on this list, the Motorola has a huge screen and great specifications. It performs smoothly and quickly and at £289 for a basic model with a whopping 64gbs of memory, it’s hard to find fault with this workhorse of a smart phone.

Best Tablets 2016

1 Samsung Galaxy TabProS

A great tablet with a lot of computing power, the Galaxy TabPro S boasts Windows 10, a 12 inch screen, Intel Core M processor and 4 GBs of ram, which means that it can handle some pretty intensive duties for such a lightweight machine.

We love its great HD screen and the external keyboard and mouse work a treat, too. Perfect if you’re looking for an easy to use and relatively powerful alternative to something like a chromebook PC.

2 Vodaphone Tab Speed 6

Using an Android operating system, with a quad core processor, 1 GB rab and a small 8 inch screen, the Vodaphone Tab Speed is the perfect small, transportable tablet, which will let you watch Netflix and work on basic tasks anywhere. With a 4060mAh battery, the life will last you all day without charge, too.

For a cheap tablet with 4G connectivity, it’s unbeatable.

3 Sony Xperia Z5

Not only are the specs on this tablet amazing, but it is waterproof as well. The price tag attached may not justify what you get, but what you get is a pretty damn amazing tablet. With incredible processing power and a bundle of ram, you could almost replace a laptop with this tablet.

It also has an incredible display, which renders HD streams of online films perfectly!

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